MikedupRadio 1-16-14

I had Chris Galippo in studio to talk about the Steve Sarkisian hire along with this weeks NFL Championship games, Lakers, Dodgers and more.

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MikedupRadio 12-08-13 (Special Guest: David Vassegh)

I broke down the Steve Sarkisian hire for, also the Kobe Bryant extension given by the Lakers and had David Vassegh (@TheReal_DV) of Fox Sports Radio on to talk UCLA, Lakers and Dodgers.

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MikedupRadio 08-08-13 (Special Guest, Tony Jackson)

Will Steroids finally be out of baseball? Is the media too harsh on Manziel? How good is Mariano Rivera? I caught up with Dodger Blogger Tony Jackson to break down how good the Dodgers really are.

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MikedupRadio 06-29-13

We got some advice from Siri for Aaron Hernandez. Where will Dwight Howard sign? How good can the Clippers be?

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MikedupRadio 03-06-13

A show dedicated mostly to Dr. Jerry Buss. Are the Lakers going to make the playoffs? How far will they go? Ex Lakers star Michael Cooper fills you in.

(Apologizes for audio issues)

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MikedupRadio 11-25-12

I had Amin Elhassan from ESPN Insider on, he was once a video coordinator and scout under Mike D'antoni in Phoenix, we talked Lakers basketball. My take on the Mike Brown firing and the D'antoni hiring. Lane Kiffin rant. My NFL picks to you, and hopefully you didn't watch the AMA's.

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MikedupRadio 7-22-12

- Colorado Shooting - What to do with the victim?

- Where is Dwight Howard going?

- Is Ray Rice Overpaid?

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MikedupRadio 6-08-12

- Who are the OKC Thunder going to play in the NBA Finals? Who wins the Finals?

- Are the Kings going to wrap things up in NJ?

- We had some fun with the callers.

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MikedupRadio 3-25-12

- Did you see Hunger Games yet? I will tell you ALL about it....

- What will Andrew Luck do for the Indianapolis Colts?

- Will Marshall/Bush take the Bears to the next level?

- Guess what All-Star PG wanted to be a Laker?

New music from Rachel London

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MikedupRadio 3-14-12 (Special Guest: Eric Pincus)

How big of a bitch is Dwight Howard? I will tell you. Eric Pincus from Hoops World came on the show to talk NBA trade deadline.

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